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Quotes from the Governor

“Judge me by this and this is not political campaign rescue, I will not play politics with your development. I will not play politics with crime, criminality and violence. I will not tolerate criminality and cultism in Bayelsa. We have had enough unnecessary blood shed, we have had enough unnecessary violence, bringing us unnecessary reputation in this country and outside, we will all partner together to achieve peace, bring to you therefore peace, I bring to you restoration, I bring to you reconciliation.”
“Our government would provide the enabling environment for the private sector, which has the capacity to grow the economy and create job opportunities in the state”
“My idea of the University of Africa, Toru-Orua is that of a Pan-African University, a multi-cultural university, a universal university.”
“On transparency, we believe that it is the right of the people of the State to know what funds accure to the coffers of the state and the various local councils and how they are utilized. This is the only way to secure the trust and confidence of the people in whom sovereignty lies. i have directed all local government chairmen to comply with this paradigm shift on the issue of transparency, probity and accountability to reflect the new bayelsa we are building.”
“I will not say categorically that i will not let our people down, our government will not let the people down. This we say even in the face of the present economic downturn of which you are all aware.”
“We will invest in the development of other aspect of human capacity for out teeming youths, such that they will be able to unleash their creative capacities as well as enhance their drive for entrepreneurship.”
“The challenge in contemporary Nigeria is for us to build bridges of understanding, bridges of unity, bridges of solidarity and not to cut down and destroy the bridges.”

“Our nation is not a nation of contradictions. We are a nation of endless potentials and possibilities.”

“The greatness of our nations lies in the diversity and we must not do anything that will stifle that.”

“My government is serious about broadening the economic base of our state beyond oil and gas by investing consciously in tourism, agriculture and manufacturing.”

“Oloibiri is now a metaphor for neglect . I is a sad reminder that oil may be with us today but will be no more tomorrow.”

“If we do not build up alternative income base, it will cone to a point where the federal revenue will bot be enough for us to meet our minimum obligation, especially with our very high wages bill.”

“SMEs are the real engine of any economy. This is one area we need to improve in this country.”

“It is clear that unless we get the issue of electricity right, we cannot seriously be talking about industrialization, job creation and most of the things we set out to accomplish in the Restoration Agenda.”

“We have no business importing rice in this country, when we have a place like Bayelsa.”

“Governance is not just about building physical infrastructure. The most critical thing is for us to join hands to address the economy.”

“We must all work to address the obvious weaknesses inherent in our institutions. These weaknesses have been exploited by the oil majors to create two standards: One Nigerian, which allows them destroy our environment without consequences, and another International, that holds them accountable for the same actions when committed in Mexico.”

“The appointing authorities have the prerogative of making appointments, but the operations of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) should not be politicized in order for it to advance the realization of its core objectives.”

“Even when you have a different perspective, which is your right, be assured that our actions will always be in your best interest and you will be consulted regularly.”

“I cannot bear the weight of this restoration alone. I need you all on board.”

“I am aware that we will face resistance; we may be misunderstood but we shall always do what is in the interest of you the people.”

“I will not play politics with your development. Neither will i play politics with crime, criminality and violence.”

What a reasonable government can do, which we are doing, is to develop a framework for engaging, training and enlightening of our people.”

“For us in government, we are here to serve the people, because government belong to the people and not the other way round.”

“If we are looking for the good of the people, we should not have fixed positions.”

“As your governor, I do not need to know everything because successful leadership does not mean knowing everything. What is important is the humility to admit, know your limitations and call for help when necessary.”

“Since I was elected and took the oath of office, I have drawn a line between politics and service.”

“Leadership is not about taking the easy way out; leadership is about taking decisions that are right and fair to your people.”

“Political calculations and shenanigans ended for me after the elections because I was elected to serve and deliver on the Restoration Agenda.”